Saddl's shutting down

Saddl's delivery train has come to a halt

We're sorry to announce that as of today we're ceasing operations for our services. While we’ve received nothing but positive feedback from you, our trusted customer, we have to remain realistic in our efforts. And the truth is, we haven’t been able to grow Saddl as fast as we believe we should have.

Two years ago we've set out with a mission to make the traditional delivery market more service oriented and flexible. Coming from an on-demand delivery service that catered to businesses, we launched Spencer last February to deliver anything on-demand to consumers directly with top-notch service. We can proudly look back at a wild couple of months in which we’ve reached over 1000 people with Spencer’s service to whom we’ve delivered the most varying items. From a cargo bike filled with chocolate wafer cookies to instant surprise parties shooting confetti shooters, to month’s worth of Soylent; just to name a couple.

But in the end, delivery is a numbers game and you need enormous volume to keep the business running. In spite of continuous week-by-week growth, revenues were still far from reaching a sustainable level. In the process of running business and undergoing changes in the core team, we failed to secure funding to prolong our mission. Therefore, our delivery train has sadly come to a halt.

We’d like to use this moment to thank our Spencers for racing across town to get our customers whatever they ordered; our associated couriers that serviced our corporate clients; Startupbootcamp for their support, network, and belief; and of course everyone else that believed in us from the start. But most importantly, we’d like to thank you as a customer. We’re proud and very grateful to have put a smile on so many faces and to get your honest and enthusiastic feedback with every order. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to take this journey. We’ve learned a great deal and we’ll definitely be back in the future :)

For now, all the best!

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